Near Gettysburg

About 20 minutes outside of downtown Gettysburg, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and historic Bed and Breakfast locations in this area. The Fairfield Inn, located along Fairfield’s main street, had been empty for several years. Built in 1757, this colonial beauty looks like a postcard for small town Americana. Many historical guests like Thaddeus Stevens and Mamie and Ike Eisenhower have passed through its doors. The Keeney family, headed by George and Cindy Keeney purchased the property in May and have reopened the establishment in July of 2020. They renamed the Inn to Mansion House 1757 remarking its historical beginnings. The Inn is truly a family affair led by George’s years of culinary experience at regional restaurants and his training at the Culinary Institute of America. Cindy works as a hostess, waitress and Inn keeper. Dan, their son, is the chef de cuisine and daughter Paige helps with marketing. The menu is based on good, solid, classic preparations using the freshest, best ingredients they can get locally. It changes depending on the season of harvest. Some of the favorites include Crab cakes using George’s secret recipe, grilled bratwursts, pecan crusted chicken with maple cream reduction, and creole style shrimp. A light menu is also available. The Squire Miller’s Tavern has a menu that proves diners can enjoy a very approachable and affordable meal for roughly the same price as a fast food meal. In addition to the restaurant and Tavern, Mansion House 1757 includes a boutique Inn with 6 rooms and suites featuring antique furnishings and exposed stone walls. Local ties are essential to the menu’s success. The Keeneys have a dozen partners who help supply spirits and hard cider to local eggs, meat, produce and even cheese. This is a great little getaway option for you when you come check out Amblebrook and want to stay overnight before heading back home. You will not be disappointed in your accommodations or the cuisine. And Cindy and George are very accommodating and will make your stay memorable.

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