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Gettysburg Tours

For the history buffs, here is a website of Gettysburg Tour Guides. In our opinion, and I think many others who have used their services, if you are going to tour the Battlefield there is no better way than hiring a Licensed Battlefield Guide (LBG). These guides go through rigorous training, and it's widely known among Gettysburg history experts that you must really know your stuff if you've been certified to be a LBG. Their rates are regulated by the National Park Service and are reasonable, especially considering the guides are very knowledgeable, great story tellers, and will tailor the tour to the audience’s interests.  You can click on or enter this link in your browser for additional information.


4th Annual Ice Cream Walk in Gettysburg, PA

Summer is a great time of year for ice cream!  The Healthy Adams County Physical Fitness Task Force 4th Annual Ice Cream Walk fundraiser will occur on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 in Gettysburg, PA.  For just $10.00, ticket holders get one small (1.5 ounce) ice cream cone from any 5 of the 8 participating shops in downtown Gettysburg.  This Gettysburg Connection website provides more detailed information about the event including how to purchase tickets.