Little Round Top

Living in Gettysburg provides one an opportunity to easily and frequently visit historical Civil War sites, especially those related to the Battle of Gettysburg.  While there are too many areas of the battlefield to describe in a single blog (don't worry as there will be more blogs on this topic!), there are several that are more popular than others with residents and visitors alike.  Many residents of Gettysburg and the surrounding area treat their visiting family and friends (and visit you they will!) to various parts of the battlefield that are not only the more popular areas because of their significance in the battle, but they are also absolutely beautiful to behold.  Little Round Top is known for its spectacular sunsets any time of year!  Many residents make a quick trip to this popular destination just to experience a great sunset, playing like a well-orchestrated symphony as a background to a wide area of the battlefield.  On Little Round Top you can view other sites such as the Peach Orchard, Wheatfield, Devils Den and the area where Pickett's Charge occurred. Here, it is easy to imagine history unfolding.  But you don't have to be a history expert to enjoy the views, albeit beware, you will want to learn more about the history of this area once you've had the opportunity to experience the distinct feeling of walking in the footsteps of so many brave souls who fought a horrific battle that shaped our country as we know it today.  

All of what I've described above is just one of many benefits of being a permanent resident in Gettysburg and the surrounding area.  If moving to this area is a concern because you don't want to leave family and friends, touring the battlefield and views such as the sunset from Little Round Top is sure to attract family and friends of all ages, as young and older alike can climb up the 44th NY monument, often described as a "castle" on Little Round Top and is the largest regimental monument on the Gettysburg battlefield.  Make sure you go early to enjoy the area as the park closes at sunset and you'll want to get your own photos!

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