Learn About ABC

Learn About ABC

Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC) has two locations in Gettysburg.  Battlefield Brewpub, located on Steinwehr Avenue, is nestled adjacent to one of the most historic battlefields in our nation’s history.   This establishment offers great food, craft beer and craft soda with a unique and nostalgic setting.  Inside you’ll find ample seating and a large bar.  There is also outdoor patio seating available in a shaded area beside the restaurant which is pet friendly.   There is a walk-up beer and soda window you can order directly from.  The state of the art Specific Mechanical brewing system is a stainless steel brewing system capable of brewing 150 gallon batches.  This system serves as the sour seasonal specialties brewery.  The sours produced at ABC Gettysburg Battlefield are enjoyed at the Brewpub along with many other incredible specialty beers created for their customers.  The other location is the ABC Gettysburg Gateway and is located beside the Wyndham hotel. This location does not offer outdoor seating.

Whether you order a small plate which includes homemade tater tots, or a sharable appetizer you will enjoy the food at this Pub.  Their Cali Club and Shroomzilla quesadillas are served with homemade salsa and tri color corn tortilla chips.  Soups, salads and burgers are also on the menu along with several flatbread options. 

Visit ABC’s website for days and hours of service - www.appalachianbrewingcompany.

If you have some time after you are finished at ABC, you can go right next store to the Heritage Museum which is a visual and interactive orientation to the battle of Gettysburg.  Guests will witness the battle from two unique perspectives – the civilians who lived in the town of Gettysburg and the soldiers on the battlefield.      

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