Harvest House

The Farmer's Market in Amblebrook is a wonderful place to enjoy gatherings with family and friends.  In the very early days of establishing this community and during the height of COVID, it was hard to imagine this location would be memorable for so many of the early pioneers working to put Amblebrook on the map.  This Farmer's Market was the heartbeat of the community in the earlier days, enhanced by the opening of the Rock Creek Club.  But the market will always remain one of the most treasured structures and gathering spots.  It is here where residents first gathered to listen to an outdoor children's concert in late November 2020.  A welcomed reprieve from some tough times during COVID.  The Farmer's Market has been recently renamed to Harvest House and throughout the year residents enjoy events such as s'mores around the firepit, a beer swap, and the very popular 1st Saturday of every month sale of produce, meat and poultry, cupcakes and other merchandise from many of Gettysburg's local vendors.  At the Harvest House, residents enjoy tunes from some of the best local musical artists in the Gettysburg area.  The Amblebrook Harvest House is one of many amenities that residents first see when they drive into the community.

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