6 Lancaster Small Business

6 Lancaster Small Businesses You Never Knew About

Lancaster is home to hundreds of small businesses. For long time residents of Lancaster County and new transplants alike, this may come as a surprise. It is all too easy to forget about the small local businesses that serve our area when there are big chains nearby that offer the familiarity and convenience of knowing exactly what to expect when we need to go shopping. But small local businesses are the engine that powers our local community.

In Lancaster, small business owners run everything from traditional artisanal craft shops to  local bakeries and beyond. Small businesses offer that personalized touch, careful attention to detail, and warm customer service that you just can’t get from a big corporate chain. There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of buying a new dining room table and meeting the actual artisans who will be putting all of their skills and tools to use to craft your table by hand.

So without further ado, here are six small businesses for you to discover and appreciate here in Lancaster.

1. Crossroads Antique Mall

Lancaster is a haven for savvy antique shoppers. Whether you are searching for a specific piece or simply want to browse around to see if a special vintage something catches your eye, Crossroads Antique Mall is a great place to start. This local business offers collectibles, furniture, and beautiful china porcelain. Here in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Country you can also find vintage toys and dolls, glassware, and pottery among its huge collection, which fills two floors of objects and goods housed in an old barn in the countryside.

2. Gordonville Book Store

At the Gordonville Book Store you can find everything from Amish cookbooks to collectibles like stamps and scrap book materials. Children’s games and toys make a nice accompaniment to their children’s book offerings, greeting cards, and curriculum books for home schooling.

Here you can also buy classic Amish romance books by Wanda Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis. You can also buy the latest annual version of Raber’s almanac, which contains listings of Amish events at the churches in the area, as well as some old-fashioned farmer’s knowledge, such as the name of the next full moon coming up, and which auspicious astrological sign is on the rise.

3. A Day in the Life Records

Lancaster music lovers, rejoice! A Day in the Life Records is your perfect shopping destination for all things audio. With a carefully curated selection of records, casette tapes,  CD’s, and books related to music, this shop is the perfect place to find your old favorite album on vinyl, or discover something new.

Check out their online shop- while browsing through the impressive music collection at their downtown Lancaster shop is our favorite way to shop, you can also order your new favorite album online from wherever you have fast local internet access. The shop offers an inventory that includes both new and used items, with a diverse range of genres and formats.

4. Bird-In-Hand Bakery & Cafe

While Starbucks is often frequented for a quick hit of caffeine and a pastry, nothing can beat the mouthwatering home baked pastries and lunches prepared lovingly by the staff at the Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe. The menu features fresh, locally sourced, hand-picked ingredients, like pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch and home-grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. This bakery and cafe is an Amish country staple; they have been serving customers for generations.

Their classic bakery offerings are all made from scratch based on traditional recipes (from Grandma Smucker), including the famous wet-bottom shoofly pies, giant apple fritters made from fresh apples, whoopie pies, and even homemade pumpkin ice cream. For families with a newborn, be sure to visit this local gem for your baby’s first birthday celebration- the bakery will offer you a free “smash cake” so your child can celebrate in messy old-fashioned style when they turn one.

5. Country Lane Quilts

For a truly local experience, you will love visiting Country Lane Quilts. This shop is located on a family farm and run by the family, who carefully sew each quilt by hand. They also offer a beautiful collection of household goods and gift items, like aprons, pillows, pot holders, and more. You can talk to Katie about commissioning a custom piece for your home. And take some time to visit their peaceful Amish farm while you are there in the scenic green countryside.

For those who desire a longer immersive experience, Katie and her family also offer extended farm stays, so you can get to know what life is like as you help out with the daily workings on their serene Amish farm.

6. Carriage House Furnishings

Top tier quality handcrafted furniture for your home that comes with a story attached? That is the name of the game at Carriage House Furnishings, where superb craftsmanship meets local flavor. The artisans here will create customizable home furniture for your home, made from carefully selected top quality solid wood materials, chosen for their beauty and sturdiness.

They can make outdoor patio furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room tables, bureaus, kitchen islands, rocking chairs, children’s cabinets, bookshelves, and more. You can visit their local showroom here in Lancaster to search for a unique heirloom piece that will belong in your home- and may even be passed down for generations to come.

Shop Local in Lancaster

Drawing on generations of traditional handicraft and attention to detail, our local bakers, chefs, shop owners, and craftsmen here in Lancaster offer something irreplaceable. They offer that personal touch that can never be replicated by big international corporate chains.

Support the local economy by shopping at local small businesses first. And who knows? You may just discover the perfect new place for your daily lunch break, your one stop gift shop, or your weekly music discovery spot. It’s all on offer here in the small business community in Lancaster.

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